Mon compte Livraison gratuite à partir de €100 pour 7 pays!

Transport & service

Transport & service

  • Toute commande de 100 Euros minimum vous est livrée gratuitement dans las pays suivants: Belgique, Pays Bas, Allemagne, Luxembourg, France, Denmark et Autriche.

    Toute commande de 450 Euros minimum (€450 dans UNE seule commande) vous est livrée gratuitement dans de monde entier.

    De plus toutes nos livraisons sont assurées!

  • Si votre commande est inférieure à 100 euros (TVA comprise) pour une livraison en Belgique, les frais de transport suivants vous seront chargés:

    € 8,26 (TVA excl.) - € 10 (TVA incl.)

  • Ci-après vous trouverez la liste des frais de transport qui vous seront facturés en Europe dans les cas suivants:

    * La commande est inférieure à 100 euros dans les pays suivants: Pays-Bas, Allemagne, Luxembourg, France, Denmark et Autriche (si la commande est supérieure à 100 euros, la livraison est gratuite).
    * La commande est inférieure à 450 euros dans le monde entier (si la commande est supérieure à 450 euros, la livraison est gratuite).

    Pays - tarif (TVA excl.)

    Bulgaria - €20
    Cyprus - €20
    Denmark - €10
    Germany - €10
    Estonia - €20
    Finland - €20
    France (continent) - € 14
    France (Corsica) - €25
    Greece - €20
    Great-Brittain - €10
    Hungary - €20
    Ireland - €20
    Italy - €20
    Latvia - €20
    Lithuania - €20
    Luxemburg - €10
    Malta - €25
    Netherlands - €10
    Norway - €25
    Austria - € 10
    Romania - €20
    Poland - €20
    Portugal - €20
    Slovakia - €20
    Slovenia - €20
    Spain - €20
    Czechia - €20
    Turkey - €20
    Sweden - €20
    Switserland - €20

  • Ci-après vous trouverez la liste des frais de transport qui vous seront facturés dans les pays situés en dehors de l'Europe:

    Etats-Unis -> €25
    Turqui, Albanie, Algerie, Egypt, Georgie, Israël, Jordanie, La Russie, Syrie -> €25
    Tous autres pays - €35

  • Si votre adresse de livraison se trouve en dehors de l'Union Européenne, votre commande ne sera pas soumise à la TVA ( 21 %) , mais peut être sujettes aux impôts locaux et aux taxes douanières en vigueur dans le pays où vous avez choisi de vous faire livrer. Toutes les taxes de douane ou d'importation seront dûes dés que votre colis atteindra son pays de destination. Vous devrez alors vous acquitter des éventuelles taxes supplémentaires de dédouanement. Gillio n’est pas en mesure de déterminer par avance le montant de ces taxes. Le client est donc prié de se rapprocher de son Office national des douanes pour plus de renseignements.

  • A large part of our work here at Gillio - next to picking & processing your new favourite organiser and shipping it to you! - is answering questions from our customers. Our clients, whether they've been with us for several years already or just joining in on the fun, contact us regularly with a wide range of questions.

    'When will my order ship?', 'Do you have an ETA on the Medium Compagna in Gold?', 'I have a gap in my rings!', 'Can I ask for gold rings on my new planner?' - and many more.

    In order to streamline our customer service processes even more, we'd like to update you on the correct channels to contact us with a question. 

    1. First of all: check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the website under 'Customer Service'. A lot of answers can be found there already!

    2. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Then e-mail our staff - but please use the correct mail address: (and make sure your mail is not larger than 10 MB!)

    - Problems, issues, repairs – NEW!

    This is the e-mail address where you can send us your questions about any issues you might have. Changed your mind and want to return a purchase? Is your Gillio item in need of repair? Sudden ring gaps in your organiser? Send your question to this address only. We will treat them as soon as possible!

    - Orders & shipping –

    Do you have a question about your current order, your shipping, do you want to pass on a preference for smooth/pebbly/... leather, or have any other question regarding orders and shipping? Our colleague Els will answer them for you!

    - Pictures, payments & refunds –

    Our colleague Steve will answer all your questions about payments, he will issue your refunds, and he’s also responsible for all our inhouse photography – so let him know wether or not you like the pictures of your planner! (Please note: pictures can only be requested DURING the ordering process. You cannot ask for pictures after an order has been made!)

    Do you have a short, urgent question? Then you can also try us on the online chat during business hours.

    This way we can make sure the right person is handling your requests and questions, and you can receive a response as soon as possible.

    Please note our offices are open between 9 AM and 1 PM, and again from 2 PM to 5 PM CET on business days, and are closed on weekends. Depending on the time of your mail, it could be a little wait before you receive our response. 

    Thanks for helping us help you!

  • Si votre colis arrive endommagé ou mouillé vous devez absolument le refuser. Si vous ne le signalez pas officiellement lors de la réception, la compagnie d'assurance ne couvrira pas les dommages à votre colis car il n’existe aucune preuve dans ce cas que votre colis fut endommagé lors du transport et que le colis est arrivé dans cet état. S’il vous plaît rappelez-vous ceci dans le cas malheureux que cela arriverait chez vous.

    Seule la personne qui signe pour réception du paquet est responsable : s’il vous plaît informez éventuellement vos voisins ou les membres de votre famille qui vont signer à la réception du colis au cas où il ne serait pas livré chez vous

    Si le colis a été laissé à votre porte en votre absence (pensonne n'a signé pour le colis), et vous découvrez à l'arrivée qu'il ya des dommages, s'il vous plaît signaler cela au service à la clientèle ( immédiatement, dans les premiers 48 heures. Nous tenterons de déposer une réclamation auprès de la compagnie d'assurance. N'ouvrez PAS le colis en aucune circonstance!

  • All our parcels are shipped with bPost. You receive a tracking number from our customer service department once your parcel is shipped, so you can track it from our warehouse to your front door.

    Is your parcel delayed or is it not arriving?

    - If your parcel hasn't arrived within 2 weeks (within Europe) / within 4 weeks (outside of Europe), and the tracking page does not supply you any addition information (f.ex. parcel is awaiting pick-up at your local post office), please contact Our colleagues will contact bPost and investigate where your parcel is.

    - We cannot open an inquiry earlier than 2 (or 4) weeks, as your parcel might be held in customs or be delayed by the local mail handler.

    - Tracking statuses such as 'detained by customs: reason unknown' are completely normal and mean your item is awaiting processing by customs. 

    - It is normal for your complete address NOT to be visible on the tracking page for privacy reasons. Rest assured, the shipping address you provide during your order is automatically entered on the shipping label.

    - Our parcels are fully insured. In case your parcel is declared 'lost' by bPost, we can claim insurance and ship you a new parcel. In this case, our customer service department will provide you with a form to fill out. In case the item you ordered sold out in the meantime, we will fully reimburse you so you can place a new order!

  • With Gillio BUZZ, for an additional 20€ (24,2 € within the EU) you not only get priority processing (your order jumps to the front of the line) but your order also gets shipped the next business day. We use a special express shipping service when you opt for BUZZ: your parcel is shipped by DHL, via the bPost network.

    You will still receive a bPost tracking number, but once your parcel is handed to DHL, you can find the DHL tracking number on the bPost tracking page, under 'customer reference'.

    Because speed is of the essence when choosing BUZZ, this service cannot be combined with a request for pictures. Pictures have a delay of up to 4 business days, so that will stand in the way of our super-fast shipping and handling!

    Please note the BUZZ charge is an additional charge, on top of your regular shipping cost. If for example your international shipping fee is 25€, it becomes 45€ with BUZZ. If your order is eligible for free shipping, you’ll be charged 20€ for the BUZZ option, etc.


    Gillio BUZZ guarantees you priority processing and next-businessday shipment. It does not guarantee a delivery date or delivery speed. Delivery speed depends on factors outside of our control, and may be influenced by transport, customs processing, import clearance, local weather, union action or labour strikes, etc. 

    Our international shipping charges do not include any applicable import taxes, customs duties, or fees that are due upon entry into the destination country. All duties, fees, and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient, and are calculated once a shipment reaches the recipient’s country. Customs policies vary widely from country to country and can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

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