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New releases: medium Compagna in 2 new colour combinations!

26 february 2018
  • New 224 02 bicolour IG-1
New 224 02 bicolour IG-1

We hope you've been enjoying our Tuesday Medium Compagna Restocks on every Tuesday in February!

For our final restock tomorrow, Tuesday, Februari 27th, we've added a little surprise for you!

As usual we will restock a few colours of the medium Compagna (those who have signed up for a notification will receive an email when that's happened!), but we will also release two new colour combinations!

At 2 PM CET, you'll be able to purchase medium Compagnas in:

- Royal Blue & Gold (828/774)

- Green & Red (778/770)

These happy colours are perfect for the upcoming spring season and will brighten your planning every day! Be sure to purchase yours before they sell out - as you know, it could be a while before they are back in stock.

Happy shopping!

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