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Organiser - Compagna (pocket xl) - Belgium Edition

  • This Pocket XL Compagna from our Limited 'Belgium Edition' will be released on March 17th, 2020 at 2PM CET

    We created this limited edition as an hommage to our little country, where the Gillionaire love was born!

    The three flyleaves represent iconic images that represent our ‘small but mighty’ nation:

    The Atomium

    our iconic landmark building in Brussels, designed by architects André and Jean Polak fort he 1958 World Expo.

    Manneken Pis

    our most famous Belgian: a little bronze fountain statue in the heart of Brussels, depicting a little naked boy urinating. It was designed by Jérôme Duquesnoy the Elder around 1618.

    An outline of our country

    even though we are a tiny kingdom, we have more than 11 million inhabitants, 3 national languages and famous products such as beer, chocolate and… Gillios!

    We hope this planner will remind you of our company’s heritage and the craftsmanship that we bring to Gillionaires around the world every day!

  • The general design is identical to our regular Pocket XL Compagnas.

    Unique specifications of this limited edition:

    - black epoca on the outside, with yellow stitching

    - exclusive red epoca border - unique design!

    - exclusive black matte rings (free) AND an extra set of golden rings 20mm included

    - red epoca on the inside, with yellow stitching

    - 3 flyleaves with unique embossed design (epoca black, yellow, red)

    - black epoca strap with yellow stitching

    - golden hardware (popper, zipper hardware)

    - serial number embossed inside the planner

    - NEW: red matte ballpoint pen with golden hardware

    - exclusive tricolour box

    - exclusive dustbag

    Only 200 pieces (divided over 3 models: Medium Compagna, Pocket Compagna XL, A6 Appunto) have been created!

    Please note that this is a fixed set. There are no options to choose your own ring/size colour (you receive gold + matte black 20mm rings for free!) or your own pen colour (you receive the new red matte + gold hardware pen!).

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