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A6 August: new A6 Compagnas every week!

14 August 2018
  • IG2 release A6 28 8
IG2 release A6 28 8


Week 4: Tuesday, August 28th

  • Restocked: 775 (epoca black), 810 (epoca aqua), 834 (croco eye red)
  • NEW release: 804/812 (epoca grey & pink)

Week 3: Tuesday, August 21st

  • Restocked: 772 (epoca dark brown), 774 (epoca gold), 822 (epoca yale blue)
  • NEW release: 778/770 (epoca dark green & red)

Week 2: Tuesday, August 14th

  • Restocked: 770 (epoca red), 773 (epoca rust), 827 (epoca olive green)
  • NEW release: 775/820 (epoca black & acid green)

Week 1: Tuesday, August 7th

  • Restocked: 771 (epoca yellow), 805 (epoca purple), 455 (croco brown matte) and 828 (epoca royal blue).
  • NEW release: 828/774 (epoca royal blue & gold)


You begged us. You asked and asked and asked again and again. We received PMs by the dozen, at all hours of the day. And finally, FINALLY, here they are: A6 Compagnas!

We know the A6 lovers have been waiting for a while, and to make sure we ‘grant all of your wishes’ this month, we decided to order LOTS of colours within our available leathers, to not just restock 5 or 6 colours, but give you a whole month of A6 Compagna restocks!

Each Tuesday in August, we’ll restock existing colours AND release a new colour or colour-combination. The delivery has just arrived at the warehouse and our team are quality checking every day to make sure there’s something for everyone this month!

As always, you won’t know the colours up front (we are still doing checks!) but be sure to have registered your email address for your favourite shades of leather, not to miss out!

Restocks will most likely happen on Tuesday mornings (CEST) once our staff has uploaded all the checked items in our database!


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