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A special visit at Gillio HQ!

21 march 2024
Chen Bo Gillio HQ-10

At Gillio Firenze, we were thrilled to welcome Chenbo, representing her studio, Jieyou (解忧). Since 2016, Chenbo has been an integral part of our journey, sourcing Gillio planners to the Chinese market with unwavering dedication.

During her recent visit to the Gillio offices, Chenbo had the opportunity to meet our team, including Paul, the father of Tom and Ben. It was a pleasure to host Chenbo and introduce her to the entire Gillio family, further strengthening our bond and commitment to excellence in serving our global clientele.

Chenbo's insights into the Chinese planner market have been invaluable, guiding us in understanding the preferences and demands of Chinese planner enthusiasts. Through her studio, Jieyou, Chenbo ensures that Gillio planners reach the hands of eager customers in China, overcoming language barriers and facilitating seamless transactions through platforms like Taobao.

During her visit, Chenbo and her team had the opportunity to witness our passion and dedication firsthand, attending our live broadcast and experiencing the craftsmanship behind each Gillio creation. We value our partnership with Jieyou and remain committed to delivering exceptional products and services to the Chinese planner community and beyond.

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