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A6 Compagna: restock & new releases!

27 November 2018
  • IG restock A6
IG restock A6

We're pleased to announce that we've restocked the A6 Compagnas in a wide array of colours today!

(As always... If you registered your email address, to be notified of an A6 Compagna restock in any of these colours, you knew a few hours ago already! Remember to register AGAIN if you missed out on a restock, so we can notify you next time again!)

The A6 Compagna is the product of our Gillio Think Tank in London in 2014. With the help of our clients, we created this whole new model in a size that was new to Gillio. With our signature back pocket, many different card- and paper slots, a flyleaf with an additional penloop AND removable ring protectors, this planner is a full-option packed in a compact size.

Gillio's A6 Compagna (231/02) is back, and we've restocked four of your favourite colours:


  • Epoca Burgundy (776)
  • Epoca Purple & Cream (805/819)
  • Epoca Pink (812)
  • Croco Eye Grey (832)

We've also released three new colour combinations:


  • Epoca dark brown & yellow (772/771)
  • Epoca yellow & darkbrown (771/772)
  • Epoca yale blue & gold (822/774)

And, as an added bonus: we've also released the A6 Compagna in the immensely popular UNDYED EPOCA!

Happy shopping!

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