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NEW COLOUR COMBO: Anthracite & Pink!

02 September 2019
  • Antracite pink IG-1
Antracite pink IG-1

You ask, we listen!

About a year ago, a Gillionaire had a great idea in the Gillio Firenze Fan Group on Facebook. In a thread our customer Judith Lang posted, about possible colour combinations, our customer Kristy Beer suggested we'd pair the then-new Anthracite Epoca with our bright & beautiful Pink Epoca!

Today, we're happy to let her - and the rest of our thousands of Gillionaires - know that tomorrow, Tuesday September 3rd at 2PM CEST, we're releasing this stunning colour combination in 6 models!

  • Personal Wide Compagna
  • Medium Compagna
  • A6 Compagna
  • Pocket Compagna XL
  • B6 Appunto
  • Slim Appunto

Happy shopping!

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