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FINALLY: Pastel Epoca Restock!

11 November 2019
  • Epoca pastel HP-1
Epoca pastel HP-1

It's been along time coming, but here it finally is: the restock of our PASTEL EPOCA COLLECTION!

First launched in 2015 as what we thought to be something that would not be so popular... after all, we'd built our brand on classical colours! But boy, were we wrong. They were super popular. Customers have been asking us for months, if not years for a proper restock of that collection.

We worked hard on the development of Epoca Pastel 2.0, as the previous batches didn't have the true epoca feeling 100%. We're happy that we took the time that we did, because the leather is perect and we're excited to share it with you!

Launching on Tuesday, November 12th at 2PM CET!

What colours will be available:

  • Lotus Epoca (823)
  • Lila Epoca (825)
  • Light Blue Epoca (824)

What models will be available:

  • Mini Mia Cara
  • Pocket Mia Cara
  • Pocket Compagna XL
  • Medium Compagna
  • Medium XL Compagna
  • A6 Compagna (not available in Light Blue)
  • Giramondo 
  • A6 Appunto
  • A5 Appunto
  • Slim Appunto
  • B6 Appunto (not available in Light Blue)

And there's more: we also have a few new ballpoint pen colours to release on Tuesday, that will match these planners or your pastel Crocos and Ostriches!

  • Pink Matte
  • Mint Matte
  • Pistache Matte

Happy shopping!

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