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RESTOCK: Aubergine Croco!

26 August 2019
  • Aubergine restock IG-1
Aubergine restock IG-1

Your wish is our command!

Our super popular aubergine croco leather returned at PlannerCon Europe, in the lighter, smooth-feeling version you know and love! We worked hard to develop that particular finish that our customers repeatedly asked about over the last years. As we said: it is back and it is here to stay!

So, time for a restock (we might have pushed our artisans just a liiiiiiittle bit harder to get them ready before we all go back to work and back to school in September!) - we have 6 models available for you this week!

These will all be available on Tuesday, August 27th at 2PM CEST.


The aubergine leather (colour ref. 457) will be available in:

  • 231/02 A6 Compagna
  • 224/02 medium Compagna
  • 282/02 Slim Appunto
  • 283/02 B6 Appunto
  • 280/02 A6 Appunto
  • 281/02 A5 Appunto

Another surprise we have in store for you: OUR PENS HAVE BEEN RESTOCKED!

As of Monday, August 26th, at 3PM CEST the following pens are back in stock:

  • Black shiny, silver parts
  • Black matte, silver parts 
  • Silver shiny, silver parts
  • Orange matte, silver parts
  • Pink shiny, silver parts
  • Blue shiny, silver parts
  • Red shiny, silver parts
  • Lila shiny, silver parts
  • Dark blue shiny, silver parts
  • White shiny, silver parts
  • Silver matte with pattern, silver parts
  • Silver shiny with pattern, silver parts
  • Black matte, gold parts

Remember that you get one for FREE with each planner (planner with penloop!) you purchase! 

Happy shopping!

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