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RESTOCK: B6 Appunto (PGDC)!

07 February 2019
  • IG B6 Appunto 1
IG B6 Appunto 1

To B or not to B... B6!

We have just restocked the B6 Appunto in Premium Good Deals!

The B6 Appunto is a luxurious book cover for all B6 books: note books, sketch books, watercolour books, novels, day planners etcetera. It was created because of the large demend for covers for Japanese B6-size planners. The Appunto will become your favourite companion on the go: organised in style, with a leather cover that will become more shiny and irresistible while the leather ages on your life's adventures. Use it to cover a blank book on a trip: start a journal, write song lyrics, go sit on a mountain top and sketch the view. On the way home, use it to cover the novel you're reading, and add a small notebook for your thoughts. Buy one to keep your day planner in, or your study book. The possibilities are endless!

We restocked the following colours:

  • 772 Epoca Dark Brown
  • 776 Epoca Burgundy
  • 828 Epoca Royal Blue
  • 772/771 Epoca Dark Brown & Yellow
  • 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green
  • 804/812 Epoca Grey & Pink

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