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Restock: Pocket Mia Cara

29 march 2021
  • IG pocket mia
IG pocket mia

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great week, are still all healthy and safe, and are ready for a wonderful new week full of restocks and surprises! We sure are ;-)

Did you have time to catch our live earlier today?

We anounced the restock AND release of the POCKET MIA CARA!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 2PM CEST, we are restocking/releasing our beautiful Pocket Mia Cara in these colours

  • 771 Epoca Yellow
  • 773 Epoca Rust
  • 774 Epoca Gold
  • 775 Epoca Black 
  • 777 Epoca Orange
  • 824 Epoca Light BLue
  • 452 Croco Charcoal Matte
  • 461 Croco Honey Matte NEW
  • 469 Croco Blue Matte NEW
  • 832 Croco Eye Grey

Happy shopping!

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