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17 July 2023
IG 35 percent discount

Good morning Gillionaires!

We hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we are. Did you see our live today?

We announced WEEK 3 of our amazing Summer Promotions. After the incredible discounts of the last two weeks, here’s what we have in store for you this week! And guess what - they are ONLINE NOW!

1. No less than -35% discount on a selection of 21 items!

Choose from the selection below and enjoy these incredible prices. And - be smart - this discount comes ON TOP of the 8% ‘second choice’ discount…

2. FREE standard shipping on all orders of at least 250€!

Combine with the above to get your heavily discounted items delivered to you for free! This is for standard (not Buzz) shipping, but if you prefer Buzz, you can always upgrade to it!

3. LAST PIECES - Gillio Tote Bags!

As you know, we’re clearing some much needed shelf space to make room for the new releases in the fall. We have some great unexpected news for you: we found some old stock in the warehouse of Gillio tote bags! These bags are the last items from our handbag collection from a few years ago, and were on display in our shops. They will be available for purchase in our Good Deals section as of today and there will be no restock – these are the last items, once they’re gone, they’re gone!You cannot ask for individual pictures of each item, only the pictures in the Good Deals section are available. We’ve discounted them at -30%, so go have a look and score one of these last unique pieces!

Happy shopping!

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