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Gillio-ho-ho-ho: holiday promotions!

11 December 2023
Xmas promo image

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great weekend, and had time to catch our live earlier this morning!

We announced our Holiday Promotions for this festive season!


XMAS5 -> 5% discount on 1 item

XMAS10 -> 10% discount on 2 or 3 items

XMAS15 -> 15% discount on 4 items or more

These promotions start right now (Monday, December 11th at 2PM CET) and will last until Monday, December 18th, noon CET - or until stock lasts!

Be sure to order yours on time to get it before Christmas - and use Buzz shipping to be extra sure!

Happy shopping!



-      these discount codes are valid from Monday, December 11th 2023, 2PM CET until Monday, December 18th 2023, noon CET
-      you can only use one discount code per order; your order will immediately be cancelled and refunded if you use more than one code;
-      the 2, 3, 4 or more items must be IN ONE ORDER for the discount to be applicable
-      the promotion is only valid on leather items;
-      the promotion is only valid on new orders placed on
-      the discount codes are only valid on in-stock items;
-      if you cancel a previous order to re-order with this promotion, please note that your order goes back to the end of the queue and the item reserved for you goes back in stock; we cannot guarantee that it will still be available for you when your new order is processed;
-      IMPORTANT: make sure you fill out all the fields of your order correctly, and use the correct discount code. We cannot make any changes to incoming orders. A request to add a discount code afterwards, change an address or phonenumber or add a different pen for example, will result in cancellation and refund of your order so you can re-enter it.

IMPORTANT: if you return part of your promotional order, your total discount might change and affect your refund.

For example:

  • You purchase 4 items, each costing 250€. Your total order is 1000€.
  • You use code XMAS15 for -15% discount on 4 items or more.
  • Your order total is now 1000€ -15% = 850€.
  • You receive your order and decide to return one item.
  • We receive your return and process your refund. This is the calculation:

You now keep 3 items (each costing 250€ at full price).
You are no longer entitled to the -15%, but are entitled to the -10% discount on orders of 2 or 3 items
We calculate: 3 x 250€ = 750€, -10% = 675€
You paid 850€ for your order; 850€ - 675€ = 175€

  • You receive a refund of 175€


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