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Restock: medium Amicas!

11 February 2019
IG Amicas

Talk about a blast from the past! Today in our live video, we announced the RESTOCK OF MEDIUM AMICAS that will happen on Tuesday, February 12th!


The Amica is a beautiful leather organizer with a great capacity! Not only on the ring mechanism you can store papers, but also in the large secretarial pockets on either side of the agenda and in several smaller pockets. This organizer is slightly wider than our best-selling Compagna model, which allows for broader inserts from other manufacturers to be used.

It is also compatible with 30mm rings, so don't forget to select those while ordering if you are a planner-stuffer :p

We will restock the following colours on Tuesday, February 12th:

  • 778 Epoca Green
  • 822 Epoca Yale Blue
  • 812 Epoca Pink
  • 775/777 Epoca Black & Orange
  • 772 Epoca Dark Brown
  • 774 Epoca Gold
  • 775 Epoca Black
  • 772/774 Epoca Dark Brown & Gold
  • 804/777 Epoca Grey & Orange
  • 770 Epoca Red
  • 770/774 Epoca Red & Gold
  • 810 Epoca Aqua
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