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Cookie release & Appunto B6 restock!

20 April 2020
  • B6 Appunto IG
B6 Appunto IG

Happy sunny Monday, Gillionaires!

In Belgium, we're entering week 6 of the quarantine, and our schools are now all aboard with digital learning after two weeks of spring break. We hope you are all safe at home and doing your part to #flattenthecurve! We'll all be very happy to hug and kiss our loved ones again soon, but for now we strongly advise you to redirect your hugs to your planners!

This week we have two surprises for you in store. Did you watch our live today?

We announced two restocks & releases!


  • 773 Epoca Rust
  • 465 Croco Matte Grey
  • 777 Epoca Orange NEW
  • 452 Croco Matte Charcoal NEW


  • 231/02 A6 Compagna NEW
  • 224/04 Personal Wide Compagna NEW

As always, these will be available on Tuesday at 2PM CEST (Tuesday April 21st, 2020)

Happy shopping and again, thanks for supporting our business with your orders during these strange times!

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