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B6 Appunto: redesign + restock & new releases!

13 November 2018
  • B6 release IG-1
B6 release IG-1


After a long wait, our favourite 'medium size' Appunto is back, new and improved!

The Appunto B6, the latest member of the Appunto family, is a luxurious book cover for all B6 books: note books, sketch books, watercolour books, novels, day planners etcetera. It was created because of the large demand for covers for Japanese B6-size planners. It will keep your memories safe while protecting your book in a strong leather cover, while the numerous pockets allow you to store business cards, cash, or other paraphernalia.

On popular demand, we have made the B6 Appunto a bit wider so it can accomodate even more brands of B6 books, allow for the use of side tabs AND Fit the Mini Happy Planner with justthe tiniest trim of the laminate on the back cover. The measurements (open) are 19,9 cm tall, 31,5 cm wide.

Today, we have restocked AND released several colours in the B6 Appunto range:


  • 773 Epoca Rust
  • 771 Epoca Yellow
  • 770 Epoca Red


  • 772/771 Epoca Dark Brown & Yellow
  • 834 Croco Eye Red
  • 772 Epoca Dark Brown
  • 822 Epoca Yale Blue
  • 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green
  • 832 Croco Eye Grey
  • 804/812 Epoca Grey & Pink
  • 455 Croco Brown Matte
  • 456 Croco Black Matte
  • 828 Epoca Royal Blue
  • 776 Epoca Burgundy

Happy shopping!

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