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BIG Appunto Good Deal restock!

20 February 2019
  • IG Appunto GDC
IG Appunto GDC

... or should we say, Appunto Bonanza? ;-) 

The Appunto has quickly become a favourite in our collection: all sizes are best-sellers and are always sold quicker than we can restock!

Today, we have a wide selection of Appuntos in ALL 4 SIZES for you, in our Good Deals Corner!

Our Good Deals items are products that have not 100% met our strict quality standards. They have some imperfections in the leather or are display models that have been used in our stores. Because of the imperfections, they are sold with a discount. These imperfections can be scratches, slight discolouration, minor peeling, spots or other markings. These are individually photographed so you can see the imperfections clearly before you buy.

Today we added to our Good Deals Corner:

  • A6 Appuntos (fit any A6 notebook, like Hobonichi Techo)
  • A5 Appuntos (fit any A5 notebook, like Hobonichi Cousin)
  • Slim Appuntos (fit for example the Hobonichi Weeks, MEGA Weeks, or 2 together!)
  • B6 Appuntos (fit any B6 notebook or planner such as the Mark's EDIT planner, the Jibun Techo B6 Slim, etc)

This is your chance to buy a new Appunto at a VERY attractive price. Go check them out here: Gillio's Good Deals Corner !

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