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Epoca Black Friday Mia Cara Restock!

23 November 2017
  • Black Friday Restock
Black Friday Restock

We wanted to do something special for you guys for Black Friday, but there are already discounts on ALL products because of our Holiday Discounts. So what better way to make you happy then to just add MORE PRODUCTS to the promotion?

Presenting: our Epoca Black Friday Mia Cara Restock!

Our team has been working hard to process and quality check a fresh delivery of medium and A5 Mia Caras so we could offer them to you while the extra discounts are still active. So on all of this new stock, there's an immediate discount already!

Go to our website to discover which colours have been discounted by which amount!

We have restocked the following popular colours and colour combinations - all in the "BLACK" Friday theme, of course:

  • Medium Mia Cara:
    Epoca black (775)
    Epoca black & orange (775-777)
    Epoca black & cream (775-819)
    Epoca black & red (775-770)
  • A5 Mia Cara:
    Epoca black & orange (775-777)

And, just for you, a combination we've not released before: A5 MIA CARA IN BLACK & RED!

We know some of these planners (all black medium Mia Caras specifically!) have been in high demand for a while, so what better day then 'Black' Friday to release them? We hope we've made someone's holiday wishes come true with this restock!

Go check out the discount on these beautiful planners, and as always: happy shopping!

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