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06 July 2018
Red devils IG-1

Good luck Red Devils - and good luck Gillionaires!
Are you following the World Cup? We are - and of course, we’re cheering for Belgian’s Red Devils! Tonight 8PM CEST our national team are competing against Brasil - a fierce opponent! We hope all Gillionaires around the world will join us in cheering the Red Devils on: if Belgium wins, we will give you 10% discount on our entire collection (including "Good Deals" for 24 hours.

So grab your (Belgian!) beer, get comfy in front of your television and wave those Belgian flags!

If our Gillionaire-cheers help the Red Devils succeed, you can start shopping!
IF Belgium wins, you can get the 10% discount by entering the promocode REDDEVILS at checkout, from 1AM CEST on Saturday, July 7th 2018 until 1AM CEST on Sunday, July 8th 2018.

Update July 6th 11PM: Belgium made it from Brazil! Congrats to the Belgian Red Devils! --> -10% discount on the entire collection (including "Good Deals") with promocode REDDEVILS for 24 hours starting Saturday, July 7th 1AM CEST

Please note:
-       10% discount will be applied on all items only if Belgium wins from Brazil and after activating the promocode REDDEVILS at checkout. The discount will be applied for 24 hours starting from Saturday, July 7th 2018, 1 AM CEST, until Sunday, July 8th 2018, 1 AM CEST;
-      the promotion is only valid on new orders;
-      the promotion is only valid on new orders placed on for end-consumers - not valid in our retail stores - not valid for our dealers;
-      the discount codes are only valid on in-stock items
-      if you cancel a previous order to re-order with this promotion, please note that your order goes back to the end of the queue and the item reserved for you goes back in stock; we cannot guarantee that it will still be available for you when your new order is processed;
-      to mimimize the chance that your parcel will be charged by additional customs costs (and delays), we strongly recommend to stay under an amount of €1000 for each order;
-      IMPORTANT: make sure you fill out all the fields of your order correctly, and use the correct discount code. We cannot make any changes to incoming orders. A request to add a discount code afterwards, change an address or phonenumber or add a different pen for example, will result in cancellation and refund of your order so you can re-enter it.


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