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10 July 2018
Red devils keychain IG

Good luck Red Devils - and good luck Gillionaires!
Are you following the World Cup? We are - and of course, we’re cheering for Belgian’s Red Devils! Tonight 8PM CEST our national team are competing against France - a fierce opponent! We hope all Gillionaires around the world will join us in cheering the Red Devils on: if Belgium wins, we will give you a free Keychain (value up to €80) for every order for an amount starting from €100!

So grab your (Belgian!) beer, get comfy in front of your television and wave those Belgian flags!

If our Gillionaire-cheers help the Red Devils succeed, you can start shopping!
IF Belgium wins, a Keychain will automatically be added to your order for each order with a minimum value of €100 from 12.30 AM CEST on Wednesday, July 11th 2018 until 12.30 AM CEST on thursday, July 12th 2018. Our staff will randomly add the keychain to your parcel - it'll be a suprise as to which colour you receive (24 colours available).

Please note:
-       The keychain (value up to €80) will be added automatically. Our staff will randomly add the keychain to your parcel - it'll be a surprise as to which colour you receive (24 colours available). No promocode has to be activated at checkout. The keychain will be added for every new order during 24 hours; starting from Wednesday, July 11th 2018, 12.30 AM CEST, until thursday, July 12th 2018, 12.30 AM CEST;
-      the promotion is only valid on new orders;
-      the promotion is only valid on new orders placed on for end-consumers - not valid in our retail stores - not valid for our dealers;
-      if you cancel a previous order to re-order with this promotion, please note that your order goes back to the end of the queue and the item reserved for you goes back in stock; we cannot guarantee that it will still be available for you when your new order is processed;
-      to mimimize the chance that your parcel will be charged by additional customs costs (and delays), we strongly recommend to stay under an amount of €1000 for each order;
-      IMPORTANT: make sure you fill out all the fields of your order correctly, and use the correct discount code. We cannot make any changes to incoming orders. A request to add a discount code afterwards, change an address or phonenumber or add a different pen for example, will result in cancellation and refund of your order so you can re-enter it.


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