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Gillio Summer Photo Challenge on Instagram!


This summer, we're not doing the #GillioAsks every Friday - everything has been asked for now ;-)

We're shaking things up with a special summer challenge:

the Gillio Summer Photo Challenge - only on Instagram!

How does it work?

  1. Follow @gilliofirenze on Instagram
  2. Every Friday at 11 AM CET, we will post an image, with a special theme for the day
  3. Take pictures that have something to do with this theme, that include a Gillio product
  4. Use the two (!) hashtags at the top of the image of that day: #GillioPhotoChallenge and the second hashtag with a code. Only pictures with the two correct hashtags count!
  5. You can post as many pictures as you want, up to the next Wednesday, midnight CET
  6. The following Thursday, we will choose one lucky winner that receives a webshop voucher worth €50 - each week!
  7. Repeat every Friday!

You can enter and win more than once... so keep going, and be creative!

Tune in next Friday, July 1st, 11 AM CET for the first theme in the #GillioPhotoChallenge - only on Instagram! 

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