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WIN an exclusive Mia Cara at PlannerCon!

24 February 2017
Plannercon cloud giveaway

Are you coming to visit us at our PlannerCon booth in San Francisco on March 11th and 12th?

Be sure to bring your favourite Gillio item(s), because they are your chance to win a fabulous prize!

At the Gillio Photowall, our very own Steve will be protographing our customers with their favourite Gillio items. Strike a pose, because we're going to let all of the Gillio fans on Facebook vote!

Go creative and make the picture as interesting as you want: balance a stack of Appuntos on your head, juggle with your Compagnas or just show us your biggest Gillio-smile - the floor is yours.

The two pictures that get the most likes on Facebook will be sent an exclusivity: a medium Mia Cara (worth 470 €) in a colour we had produced just for PlannerCon: CLOUD. A light and mesmerising mix of grey, taupe and a hint of purple - a true chameleon that goes perfectly with the pastel shades of this summer's fashion.

Only TWO planners were produced in this one-off epoca colour. A truly exclusive item!

(The pictures & competition will be posted on Facebook in the week of March 20th, 2017)

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