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FLASH PROMO: Croco Blush -50% when buying 2 items

22 June 2023
Croco Blush promo

Hi Gillionaires!

Another special promotion for you today… We hope to keep surprising you! This week we have an irresistible offer on the Croco Blush collection!

Have you been enchanted by the soft, powdery pink tones of Croco Blush but haven’t made the jump to try it yet? Or do you have an extensive Croco Blush collection, but it’s missing a few final pieces? Or - are you just venturing into lighter colours for summer?

Whatever the case may be: no one can resist a 50% discount!

You heard that right: 50% off anything in Croco Blush, when you buy 2 items in that leather. 2 items in Croco Blush - any size, any style - and you enjoy the 50% on these items. Want more? Add more to your order: the discount is valid on all even amounts (2 items, 4 items, 6 items…) of items in Croco Blush. 

Please note that if you wish to return a planner from your order, you will have no right to the 50% discount. The usual rules for returns apply.

IMPORTANT: the Croco Blush collection will be priced -50% in our webshop - exclusively for this promotion. We will not accept orders with only one planner, or any other uneven number of Croco Blush items. Orders that don’t meet the requirements of the promotion will be cancelled.

Happy shopping!

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