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Gillio is coming to the USA!

02 February 2017
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Gillio is thrilled to announce that they are one of the sponsors of Plannercon, the first national planner convention held in the USA!

On March 11th and 12th, 5 members of the Gillio team (Ben, Tom, Els, Steve and Mella) will be at Plannercon in San Francisco with a Gillio booth, waiting to meet you and to show you some exciting novelties!

Have you booked your ticket yet? They are still available on their ticket page!

On this page, we'll update you on what you can expect from us during this two day event.

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 7th

We are packing up!

Want to come and discover the new collection? You can pre-order at our booth. Read the terms & conditions here!


Thursday, March 2nd

We are almost finished with all of the preparations and we're very excited to meet you at PlannerCon!

Want to know our schedule at the conference? read more about it here!


Wednesday, March 1st

One week away! We hope you are all as excited as you are :-) 

We have another special surprise for you: we'll be gathering creative design ideas for our next design brainstorm! Do you have a revolutionary idea that will totally change the plannerworld? Or do you just have a dream organiser in your head that you're sure everyone will love? Come share it with us! Read all about it here.


Thursday, February 23rd

We are giving away a limited edition Mia Cara at PlannerCon! Read all about it here!


Thursday, February 16th

Second update!

We are counting down the days to PlannerCon and we are preparing the surprises that we're bringing you! 

First of all, there will be a new product presentation on Saturday! We welcome all of you there (we'll let you know the exact time later) for a mini-meet-up where we will unveil our latest creation to you... or creationS? Who knows... You'll find out if you come to our booth!

We encourage you all to bring your favourite Gillio(s) with you, because there will be a photo-competition on the booth! You might win a unique, one-of-a-kind prize...

Remember the Gillio Think Tank we had in London? We'll have a special section in our booth where you can inspire us with your wildest Gillio dreams - who knows, you might see your ideal organiser in production later this year?

Don't forget our customers Theresa Hall and Kariné Tovmassian are also speaking at PlannerCon!

Less than a month to go... We're very excited to meet you all! 


Thursday, February 2nd

First update!

Our flights and hotel are booked, and we're prepping our trip and our activities on the booth!

First important thing to tell you: we are not allowed to physically sell products to you on the booth. We had extensive contact with the Belgian trade organisations, but we need a special license if we want to sell on USA soil which we don't have and are not able to attain for just 2 days. Also, you would buy a lot more expensive if we sold on our booth because of import fees & sales taxes.

But rest assured, we have found a few workarounds to make sure that people coming to our booth will have 'first dibs' on some very exciting novelties! Be sure to have your Paypal app installed on your phone, because we have some brand new products that you'll be able to pre-order on the booth... More on those later.

We will, however, be bringing all our models to show you (if you want to discover the models before ordering them!), leather samples and hides of leather, and a few other secret things we'll inform you on later.

Of course our team is there to answer all of your questions and discuss anything and everything Gillio with you!

Be sure to bring your favourite Gillios, because they might help you to win a special prize...

More information in the next weeks!


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