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11 September 2018
  • IG flamingo
IG flamingo

Don’t forget: the PREMIUM GOOD DEALS (with minor imperfections) for these items are also available!

Premium GD - Pocket Compagna:
Premium GD - A6 Appunto:

Premium GD - A5 Appunto:

Premium GD - Slim Appunto:

n't forgetPink lovers, rejoice!

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 12th 2018 at 2PM CEST, we are launching a limited production in our first ever suède leather:


This very soft, girly, blush pink is perfect for anyone looking to add a little fun colour to their collection, and the suède leather is extremely soft and will make it hard for you to put it down! The suède leather is a first for us, and it has (as opposed to epoca) a wonderfully soft (but slightly more delicate) finish. 

Check out the close-up product images below for a good idea of the true colour!

We are releasing Flamingo Suède in only 4 models:

- The pocket Compagna (223/14):

- The A6 Appunto (281/02):

- The A5 Appunto (281/02):

- The slim Appunto (282/02:

Be sure to set your alarms for 2PM CEST sharp, because when they're gone, they aren't coming back any time soon!

We are also releasing the Premium Good Deals of these items (with minor imperfections at a discount!) at the same time, to give as many people at once the chance to buy one of these pink beauties. You will find them here at 2PM CEST: 

Prices will be the same as for the "Bicolor- & Printed Calf leather" leather type.

You can also check out Mella's announcement video on Youtube to hear her experiences:

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