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May releases & stock updates!

  • 20160503 Every Tuesday
20160503 Every Tuesday

Patiently, you've been waiting for new stock updates. It seemed like FOREVER (mostly because you cleared out our stock earlier than we expected, during our last promotions!), but as always, your patience will be rewarded!

Our artisans have spent the last weeks and months working hard on a large order for our re-stock. The shipment has arrived at our offices and it's 'all hands on deck' to do thorough quality checks, unpack everything, label the items, put them in our warehouse and make sure that everything is ready to order over the next fex weeks!

During the month of May, there will be a new stock release every Tuesday. We won't tell you what will be released on what day (that will be a little surprise)! Every Tuesday, you'll discover what part of our delivery we've worked through and is ready to be ordered, loved and cherished by you!

(Little side note for the People of the Appunto: no Appuntos in this shipment - they were only released a few weeks ago, so we had to order new leather and start the production. Our artisan is usually working on orders from several months earlier. But don't worry, they'll be here as soon as possible!)

The stock updates will take place on:

  • Tuesday, May 3rd - noon CET
  • Tuesday, May 10th - noon CET
  • Tuesday, May 17th - noon CET
  • Tuesday, May 24th - noon CET
  • Tuesday, May 31st - noon CET

So get ready for a first release in about an hour!

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