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May releases: Tuesday, May 10th

  • May 10th Medium Mia Caras
May 10th Medium Mia Caras

Our second release of the five May Releases are: Medium Mia Caras!

There are no less that six restocked colours:

  • 778/819 (green-cream)
  • 772 (dark brown)
  • 773 (rust)
  • 776 (burgundy)
  • 805 (purple)
  • 772/819 (dark brown-cream)

And one completely new release:

  • 455 (croco brown)

Discover them all with detailed pictures in our webshop!

As with all new releases, the people that left their e-mail address to be notified of a restock, already got notified by email before the release! So if you want to be the first one to know what's coming over the next weeks, be sure to register yourself on the product page of the items you are waiting for!

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