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Medium Mia Monday - weekly discount off one selected Medium Mia Cara!

  • 0829 FINAL alle maten
0829 FINAL alle maten

This summer, we're swapping the 'Product of the Week' series for a very special selection of Medium Mia Caras (ref. 224/08).

Each week, one selected colour is discounted!

Use the code in the image at checkout to redeem your discount.

Please note:

  • We cannot apply a discount once a sale is final. If you forgot to insert the code at checkout, we have to cancel your order so you can order again with the code.
  • Only one code per order is valid. If you have a vouchercode for a store credit, you cannot combine the two discounts together. Orders with more than one code will be cancelled and refunded.
  • Only orders made within the timeframe mentioned on the image are eligible for the discount. 

We will update this page each week with the colour of that week!

FINAL WEEK EIGHT (August 29th - September 2nd) - ALL MIA CARAS -10% - Use code FINALMIAMONDAY

WEEK SEVEN (21-26 August) - Light Blue / Yale Blue - Use code MIAMONDAY7

WEEK SIX (15-19 August) - Yale Blue / Grey - Use code MIAMONDAY6

WEEK FIVE (8-12 August) - Lila / Purple - Use code MIAMONDAY5

WEEK FOUR (1-5 August) - Lotus / Pink - Use code MIAMONDAY4

WEEK THREE (25-29 July) - Light Blue - Use code MIAMONDAY3

WEEK TWO (18-22 July) - Yale Blue / Gold - Use code MIAMONDAY2

WEEK ONE (11-15 July) - Lila - Use code MIAMONDAY1

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