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RELEASE: the Mella Compagna

17 June 2024
IG mella compagna

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great weekend, are enjoying the weather and are using your Gillios to plan some amazing stuff!

We hope you had time to catch our live earlier today? It was a special one as we celebrated Mella’s 40th birthday!

We announced the release of her special ‘Mella Compagna’, in the Japanese HBxWA5 size, as first introduced during the Gillio Meetup in November 2023.

The Japanese HBxWA5 size is a unique paper size often used in Japan for planner inserts. It combines elements of the HB (Height of Bible - Bible size = Personal size)) and WA5 (Width of A5) sizes, offering a perfect blend for those who desire a compact yet spacious layout for their planning needs.

The dimensions are 170mm x 148mm or approx. 6.7" x. 5.8".

The Mella Compagna will be available in these colours for the first release:

  • T773 (Toscana rust)
  • T774 (Toscana gold)
  • T729 (Toscana sand
  • T801 (Toscana limone)
  • T820 (Toscana acid green)
  • T773/729 (Toscana rust/ toscana sand)
  • T775/770 (Toscana black/ Toscana red)
  • T778/773 (Toscana green/ Toscana rust)
  • T779/774 (Toscana royal blue / Toscana gold)

Find your inserts at for example our customer Sierra Poulson’s webshop, SMPlans.

Or search for ‘HBxWA5’ or ‘HB WA5’ on Amazon Japan - they ship worldwide.

As usual, the restock of this week will be live & available Tuesday at 2PM CEST!

Happy shopping!

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