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Giramondo restock & releases!

04 June 2019
  • Gira restock IG
Gira restock IG

We are happy to announce that Giramondos are back in stock! Today, Tuesday June 4th at 2PM CEST we release 4 new colours! A few hours before, we also restocked several colours from the current collection.

(Earlier today, we restocked this item & everyone who had signed up for one of the restocked colour has received an email notification. Be sure to check your SPAM folder in case you missed it, and don't forget to sign up again if you want to be notified next time too!)

Colours that were restocked:

  • 778 epoca green
  • 833 croco eye purple
  • 820 epoca acid green
  • 777 epoca orange
  • 805 epoca purple
  • 810 epoca aqua
  • 812 epoca pink
  • 775 epoca black
  • 455 croco matte brown

Colours that were released:

  • 469 croto matte blue
  • 453 croco matte rosewood
  • 460 croco matte red
  • 430 croco shiny lava red

Happy shopping!

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