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Restock: Medium Compagna (Premium Good Deal)

06 February 2019
  • IG 224 02 PGDC
IG 224 02 PGDC

Yes! Today we restocked an all-time favourite, our bestselling model: the Medium Compagna!

We restocked this must-have planner in several colours, in our Premium Good Deals selection.

Have you discovered our Premium Good Deals yet? These are items that only just didn't make the cut during quality checks. They are in near pristine condition and the imperfections are next to none. These are not individually photographed (you can still request pictures during your ordering process!) and are sold at a lower discount than the regular GD-items. They are a way of buying an out-of-stock item in near-perfect condition for an extra attractive price! And - bonus - they come with a free pen like the regular items.

The colours we restocked are:

  • 773 Epoca Rust
  • 829 Epoca Undyed
  • 772/771 Epoca Dark Brown & Yellow
  • 778/770 Epoca Green & Red
  • 804/812 Epoca Grey & Pink
  • 430 Croco Shiny Lava Red
  • 453 Croco Matte Rosewood
  • 461 Croco Honey
  • 034 Ostrich Print Blue
  • 035 Ostrich Print Purple
  • 036 Ostrich Print Pink

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