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New release: A6 Appunto in real ostrich & ostrich X 'ruby red'

19 march 2018
  • 280 02 ostrich red IG-1
280 02 ostrich red IG-1

One of the requests we get frequently is to make more items in the real ostrich leather. Until now, we've only produced medium Compagnas in this exquisite leather - soft and supple but extremely durable - and now we're "testing the waters" with the first Appunto A6 covers!

For those that don't know the Ostrich X variety: we know many of our clients LOVE the real Ostrich leather for the softness, unique look and durability, but we also had many clients request planners with "less bumps", i. e. made from the parts of the hide that has less quill follicles. That's why we created 'Ostrich X', planners made from exactly that part of the quill. As with all Gillio's items, each one is unique - there are no completely smooth Ostrich covers. But in this collection you'll find items made with just a few follicles - be it for example only on the inside of the planner, or only in distinct areas on the planner.

In this first release, we have created A6 Appuntos in real ostrich & ostrich X, in the colour RUBY RED - a highly demanded colour and very bright & warm for this upcoming spring season.

The prices will be:

Appunto A6 in real ostrich: 502,48 € without VAT (for buyers outside the EU), 608,00 € including VAT (for buyers inside the EU)

Appunto A6 in real ostrich X: 427,27 € without VAT (for buyers outside the EU), 517,00 € including VAT (for buyers inside the EU)

These A6 Appuntos will be available as of Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 at 2 PM CET!

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