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RELEASE & RESTOCK: Epoca Grey & Epoca Anthracite

01 January 2024
IG grey anthracite

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

HAPPY NEWYEAR! We hope you had a great weekend, and have enjoyed the holiday season so far!

Did you have time to catch our live?

We announced the restock of our beloved Epoca Grey and Epoca Anthracite, available Tuesday at 2PM CET! 

Available in Epoca Grey:

223/08 Pocket Mia Cara

238/02 A5 Compagna 

275/03 Giramondo Deluxe

EXTRA: 223/15 Pocket Compagna XL - bicolour Grey/Pink Epoca

Available in Epoca Anthracite:

224/08 Medium Mia Cara

238/02 A5 Compagna

223/15 Pocket Compagna XL

273/02 Giramondo S

274/02 Giramondo XL

275/03 Giramondo Deluxe

EXTRA: 280/02 A6 Appunto - bicolour Anthracite & Lotus Epoca

Happy shopping!

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