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Real Ostrich Bonanza

27 April 2020
  • Ostrich Bonanza 3 HP-1
Ostrich Bonanza 3 HP-1

Happy Monday dear Gillionaires!

Is everyone still doing OK? How are things where you are, are you safe at home or slowly starting to go back to normal or to work? Here in Belgium we are in week 7 of the stay-at-home order, but as of next week, we should be venturing back into (a new) normal with little babysteps. So far, everyone at Gillio is still healthy and safe!

Did you see our live today?

We announced a big Real Ostrich Bonanza for this week. We have beautiful colours coming out in 6 models, amongst which a lot of new releases! And... very important: lots of items are available in:

- both regular Ostrich, and Ostrich X

- in First Quality and Premium Good Deal

For those that don't know the Ostrich X variety: we know many of our clients LOVE the real Ostrich leather for the softness, unique look and durability, but we also had many clients request planners with "less bumps", i. e. made from the parts of the hide that has less quill follicles. That's why we created 'Ostrich X', planners made from exactly that part of the quill.

As with all Gillio's items, each one is unique - there are no completely smooth Ostrich covers. But in this collection you'll find items made with just a few follicles - be it for example only on the inside of the planner, or only in distinct areas on the planner.

Here's what we are restocking and releasing tomorrow in First Quality (FQ) and/or Premium Good Deal (PGD):

280/02 - A6 Appunto

Iris Blue X 063x (FQ + PGD) NEW

Rosa 064 (FQ + PGD) NEW

Rosa X 064x (FQ + PGD) NEW

Chestnut 081 (FQ)

Chestnut X 081x (FQ + PGD)

Oryx 086 (FQ + PGD)

Oryx X 086x (FQ + PGD)

281/02 A5 Appunto

Rosa 064 (FQ) NEW

Rosa X 064x (FQ + PGD) NEW

Chestnut 081 (FQ) NEW

Chestnut X 081x (FQ) NEW

Oryx 086 (FQ + PGD) NEW

Oryx X 086x (FQ + PGD) NEW

282/02 Slim Appunto

Chestnut 081 (FQ) NEW

Chestnut X 081x (FQ) NEW

Oryx 086 (FQ + PGD) NEW

Oryx X 086x (FQ + PGD) NEW

283/02 B6 Appunto

Rosa 064 (FQ + PGD) NEW

Rosa X 064x (FQ + PGD) NEW

Chestnut 081 (FQ + PGD) NEW

Chestnut X 081x (FQ + PGD) NEW

Oryx 086 (PGD) NEW

Oryx X 086x (FQ) NEW

231/02 A6 Compagna

Ruby Red 050 (PGD) NEW

Campari 065x (PGD) NEW

Chestnut X 081x (PGD) NEW

224/02 Medium Compagna

Oryx 086 (FQ)

Oryx X 086x (FQ + PGD)  NEW

Iris Blue X 063x (PGD)

Chestnut 081 (PGD)

Chestnut X 081x (PGD)

Anthracite X 083x (PGD)

PRICES (WITHOUT VAT – EU countries add 21%, all prices will be available on the product pages)


A6 Appunto

Ostrich: €532,02

Ostrich X: €452,86


A5 Appunto

Ostrich: €702,48

Ostrich X: €597,11


Slim Appunto

Ostrich: €595,87

Ostrich X: €506,49


B6 Appunto

Ostrich: €669,42

Ostrich X: €569,01


Medium Compagna

Ostrich: €744,83

Ostrich X: €595,87


A6 Compagna

Ostrich: €744,83

Ostrich X: €595,87


Happy shopping! 

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