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Introducing: the Real Croco planner collection!

03 June 2024
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We are delighted to finally release the newest addition to our line of planners, as announced on the Gillio Meetup of November 2023: the Real Croco planners – available in Medium Compagna and in Pocket Compagna XL.

Meticulously crafted, these exclusive planners are without a doubt the epitome of our quality and craftsmanship. The Real Croco leather planners are handmade from the highest quality crocodile leather, ensuring a unique and exquisite finish that stands out. The texture and sheen of the Real Croco leather are unparallelled to anything we’ve ever done before. It’s the most exclusive leather ever offered in the Gillio assortment.

To make our production as sustainable as possible, in the production of our planners we’ve combined the Real Croco leather with a minimum of vacchetta leather (hidden behind e.g. the rings and pockets).

Also, a few unique pieces contain more vacchetta leather than others - to ensure the use of every square millimeter of Real Croco leather - which of course also results in a lower price.

The leather used in this collection was not specially commissioned by us - we selected only the finest hides from their available stock. This means that the availability of these colors in this leather is extremely limited and may never be repeated. Each planner in this collection is a one-of-a-kind piece, making it a truly exclusive item.

Each Real Croco Leather planner comes in an exclusive wooden box, and is combined (for the Medium Compagna) with Gillio’s exclusive Grazie ballpoint pen, and Gillio's Classico ballpoint pen for the Pocket Compagna XL, with optional personalization. To add your name to the pen, please include it in the comment section of your order. If no name is provided, the pen will be shipped without personalization. Please note, personalization will add a few extra days of delay to the shipping of your order.

The planners are available in seven beautiful and timeless colors, each with a distinctive name:

- 123 Fossil (Pink)

- 179 Amazon (Blue)

- 170 Indiana (Red)

- 112 Calypso (Fuchsia)

- 176 Dundee (Burgundy)

- 175 Raven (Black)

- 178 Nile (Green)


We use two types of Real Croco leather in our planners:

  1. Crocodyllus Niloticus from farms in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and South Africa
  2. 2. Alligator Mississippiensis from the United States


IMPORANT FOR SHIPPING: for non-European countries, a CITES document is required for transport. This mandatory document costs approximately 100$, this price is covered by Gillio, but it takes about two weeks to process. Planners will be shipped to non-EU countries only after the CITES documentation has been processed.

Please note: the recipient cannot be changed after the CITES documentation has been requested, unless a new application is filed, incurring an additional $100 fee payable by the customer.

For European countries, a CITES document is not required, and the planner can be shipped almost immediately. DHL Express shipping is included for all orders.



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