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RELEASE: Toscana Pocket XL

08 January 2024
IG toscana pocket xl

Happy Monday, Gillionaires! and Happy newyear!

We hope you had a great weekend - thank you all for your orders from last week!

Did you have time to catch our live today? Watch the replay here:

We announced the long awaited second release of the new TOSCANA leather, available Tuesday at 2PM CET! 

Toscana is a completely new leather, announced at the 2023 Gillio meetup. Read more about it here!



223/15 : Pocket Compana XL

  • T770 Toscana Red

  • T772 Toscana Dark Brown

  • T773 Toscana Rust

  • T774 Toscana Gold

  • T775 Toscana Black

  • T829 Toscana Undyed


Happy shopping!

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