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Tuesday Surprise nr. 3: NEW Appuntos!

14 February 2017
  • 14 february
14 february

The third and last 'episode' of our 3 Tuesday Surprises is now live: new uni and bi-coloured Appuntos!

We are happy to surprise you on this Valentine's Day with a few colours we haven't released in Appunto models yet, and also the first BI-COLOURED Appuntos! 

So why not treat yourself this Valentine's Day (or drop a subtle hint to your loved ones) and pick one of these amazing new releases!

The colours we've released today are:

  • In Appunto A6 (280/02):
    • Black (775)
    • Black/Orange (775/777)
    • Grey/Pink (804/812)
  • In Appunto A5 (281/02):
    • Black (775)
    • Orange (777)
    • Pink (812)
    • Black/Orange (775/777)
    • Grey/Pink (804/812)

HAPPY SHOPPING - be quick before your favourite one sells out - and thank you for your many orders over the last weeks!

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