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What to expect: undyed epoca

03 November 2017
Patina undyed

Somehow, we guess that the undyed epoca will be the star of Monday's release. So many people have asked for this, and we've received so many messages about how happy people are with this new release!

The undyed epoca leather is a one-of-a-kind leather: it has been tanned, but not coloured. This gives it its pure, 'raw' look and makes it the most natural and delicate leather we've ever had in our collection.

When you order an item in the undyed epoca, don't expect uniformity or a 'clean' look: this leather is as unique as your skin is. It shows every small imperfection, blemish, stretchmark and other variation that the animal had on its skin. On a darker, coloured leather, most of these imperfections would be camouflaged by the colour dye. Here, everything shows, which makes it a unique and natural product.

Examples of natural, non-uniform variations within an undyed item:

Lovers of patina, rejoice: the undyed epoca patinas like no other. Are you a fan of Tom's 10 year old Compagna and the story it tells? Then you'll ADORE the undyed epoca. It patinas faster than any other leather, and it will age beautifully - just like you.

Here you see 3 stages of the evolution of the patina of undyed epoca:

(photo: courtesy of Sophia Pan, taken at PlannerCon Europe 2017)

Mella had the chance to test out some of the undyed epoca over the last year, and her review can be found here:

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