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BOOST YOUR DISCOUNT on Gillio's IG Stories!

04 December 2017
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Even though our Ho-ho-holiday Promotions have not come to an end yet, we would like to invite you to BOOST those discounts even more this week!

If you're on Instagram, be sure to follow our account (@gilliofirenze) and check out our Instagram Stories 5 days this week, at 5PM CET. We will post a poll each day where you have 24 hours to vote: one item (of 2 items selected each day) will receive an additional discount on our website for 24 hours. Which items? You'll have to participate to find out!

This is the first promotion we're launching today:

The item that receives most votes via our Instagram Stories will be discounted the next day at 5PM, for 24 hours. At that same time, the next poll will be posted on Instagram Stories as well!

Be sure to come back each day to see if your favourite item has won & to take advantage of the limited extra discount!

Don't miss out: there will not be daily updates on our website or on Facebook, so be sure to check our Instagram Stories every day!

(The last poll will be held Friday night at 5PM CET, and the winning item of that poll will be discounted on Saturday night at 5PM CET)

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