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About Gillio

About Gillio

  • Gillio Firenze is a Belgian company selling a wide range of artisinal leathergoods, made with the best Italian leather. Their offices are located in Beersel, a town in the Brussels’ region. 

    The company is owned by the Van Haelen-family. The team consists of Ben Van Haelen (general manager), Tom Van Haelen (sales manager), Steve Benois (financial manager & in-house photographer), Els Anckaert (office manager), Geneviève Lampe and Niels Verschingel (orders & communication) Mella Pieper (marketing & communication) and Mieke Goris (sales).


  • Gigliodoro is the former name of Gillio Firenze. They have re-branded in 2008, so any products labeled 'Gigliodoro' are mostly from before then.

  • Gillio Firenze - Exquisite Leather Artistry, Timeless Craftsmanship

    Welcome to the world of Gillio Firenze, where every stitch tells a story of heritage, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship. We take pride in presenting our meticulously handcrafted leather items, fashioned from the finest natural-tanned Italian leather — a testament to the timeless elegance that defines our family business.

    Luxury Redefined:

    At Gillio Firenze, we redefine luxury through a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a dedication to the art of leather craftsmanship. Our products epitomize the seamless blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring that each piece not only reflects our family's legacy but stands as a symbol of uncompromising excellence in the industry.

    Lifetime Assurance:

    Your Gillio Firenze purchase comes with more than just a product—it comes with a promise. We stand behind our creations with a lifetime warranty against construction defects and hardware malfunction. This assurance is a testament to our confidence in the durability and enduring quality of our leather goods.

    Crafted for Perfection:

    Our artisans, driven by a passion for perfection, meticulously handcraft each item, ensuring attention to every detail. The result is a masterpiece that embodies the essence of Gillio Firenze—where luxury meets functionality.

    Sustainability as a Heritage: We believe in sustainable practices that honor both our craft and the environment. The natural-tanned Italian leather we use not only exudes richness but also reflects our commitment to responsible sourcing. Gillio Firenze takes pride in creating products that not only withstand the test of time but also contribute to a sustainable future.

    Join the Legacy:

    When you choose Gillio Firenze, you embrace a legacy of excellence. Our family business has been dedicated to creating timeless pieces that go beyond mere possessions—they become a part of your story.

    We invite you to experience the epitome of luxury and quality with Gillio Firenze. Thank you for entrusting us with a place in your journey.

    Gillio Firenze - Elevating Craftsmanship, Embracing Legacy.

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