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About Gillio

About Gillio

  • Gillio Firenze is a Belgian company selling a wide range of artisinal leathergoods, made with the best Italian leather. Their offices are located in Beersel, a town in the Brussels’ region. 

    The company is owned by the Van Haelen-family. The team consists of Ben Van Haelen (general manager), Tom Van Haelen (sales manager), Steve Benois (financial manager & in-house photographer), Els Anckaert (office manager), Geneviève Lampe and Niels Verschingel (orders & communication) Mella Pieper (marketing & communication) and Mieke Goris (sales).


  • Gigliodoro is the former name of Gillio Firenze. They have re-branded in 2008, so any products labeled 'Gigliodoro' are mostly from before then.

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