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Buying a Gillio product

Buying a Gillio product

  • No, we closed recently our stores in Antwerp and Brussels. From now on, you can only buy through our webshop.

  • It is, and it is the easiest and fastest way to order, as you are ordering directly from our warehouse. Our payment system is protected by OGONE and will ensure the safety of your payment information. Gillio has no access to your credit card number. You are welcome to pay by debit card, credit card or Paypal. 

  • This update is intended to give you a more detailed background on how our products are put back in to production and how and when we reorder items that are currently out of stock.

    Because of our handmade production, it can sometimes take a while for a product to come back in stock. There is no fixed interval in our restocks and there is  currently no fixed schedule for production.

    How do we decide what to produce next?

    - We look at the demand for a product:

    - We look at the sales numbers to see which items are popular and very demanded

    - We check how many people registered their email address to be notified when a specific item comes back in stock. The more people registered, the sooner we'll produce it.

    Once production is finished for a specific batch, it is shipped to our offices in Belgium. When it has arrived we then do a strict quality control check on every individual item received.

    Once we are satisfied that everything is up to Gillio's strict quality standards, we can then release the items in a stock update or a new product release.

    “When will this planner be back in stock?"

    We know, you've been waiting for ages and are very eager to start planning in that one item that's been out of stock for months.

    We receive a lot of customer enquiries about "When will _product x_ be back in stock?" or "I'm planning to order a brown planner but can you tell me if red is coming in stock soon because then I'll hold my order."

    We are unable to answer these questions - because we often don't know ourselves due to circumstances outside of our control.

    We do not communicate about upcoming stock updates or product releases until a quality control check has been carried out on the complete incoming shipment.

    We do this to avoid disappointment if a batch of new items turns out to be faulty. It almost never happens, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

    Answering these questions, no matter how little they may seem, takes up an immense amount of time  and staff resources when you consider the total number we receive on a daily basis. The time spent answering these questions is therefore time not spent on processing your orders or doing the quality control checks of new batches!

    Please try to keep our customer service channels for any important questions regarding your order / shipment / issues you might have.

    "Will you ever make ITEM X in COLOUR Y?"

    Our customers have fantastic ideas for new products. The Appunto, for example, was created with our customer Theresa Hall. If you have any ideas for new items, feel free to post and discuss them in the Gillio Firenze fan group on Facebook. We read all the threads there and have picked up on some great ideas because of you!

    We will, however, not disclose any information about upcoming releases or new items in production via email or chat, to individual customers. Once detailed information is available, it will be communicated to everyone at once on our website and social media channels. 

    Thank you very much for your co-operation!

  • The prices on our website are shown in Euro (€). You can check the prices in Dollar ($), Pound (£) or Yen (µ) by changing the currency in the top-right corner of the webpage. Please note that these currencies are for indication purposes only. You will be billed in Euro, and the exchange rate on the moment of your purchase may differ as they are not updated in real time.

  • No, you don’t. You will be billed automatically at the right price after logging in. All product pages show both the EU and non-EU prices.

  • We don’t do custom orders, but we do strive to accommodate your wishes as much as we can: you can request a pebbly or a smooth item, for example, and we’ll try to find you the ideal one within our available stock. Are you ordering a ring organiser? You can choose your ring colour: silver or gold! Also, the colour of your Classico ballpoint pen can be chosen when ordering an item that comes with a free ballpoint, such as f.ex. an organiser or a writing folio.

    Your requests for preferred leather texture can be written in the comments field of your order.

    Pen colour & ring colour can be selected in the drop-down box on the product page of the organiser you're ordering.

  • You can pay securely in several different ways:

    - credit card

    - debit card (Bancontact/Maestro in Europe)

    - PayPal

  • Gillio ship their parcels worldwide. When you live outside the EU, your parcel will go through customs clearance upon arrival in your country. Sometimes our parcels pass through customs without any issue, but sometimes local authorities may charge local sales tax and an import fee when new products enter a non-EU country. Experience has learned us that it can be quite a random process, some people are never charged any fees while others in the same country have had to pay regularly. We have no influence on the customs offices in other countries

    The customer is responsible for paying any applicable custom duties or any additional fees associated with this processPlease note that Gillio is not capable of determining the amount of these taxes in advance.

    During the process of customs clearance, additional information may be asked by your local customs office. Gillio is happy to provide any additional information asked: just email us at and we'll provide you with documentation and/or information to help speed up this process. As it is impossible to know what the customs officer will ask, there is no way of providing this all up front. Each country has different regulations and will require different kinds of information. Examples could be: the origin of the leather used, legal background information on Gillio as the seller/exporter, certain import codes that are country-specific, etcetera.

    Customs clearance may cause a delay in the arrival of your parcel. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control.

    Experience has taught us that sometimes, tracking shows "additional information is required for custom clearance". This does not always mean that this needs to be provided by you or us, but that an officer has to take the time to inspect the documentation attached to your parcel. The generic message however shows "exporter/importer should contact XYZ" - bPost has informed us that as the shipper has all necessary contact information, customs will contact whomever they need extra information from; they don't expect recipients to mandatory check tracking. Unless you are directly contacted by your local mail handler or customs office, your parcel should clear by itself. Customs is however a slow process and no guarantees for processing time are ever given.

    Even if you use BUZZ or DHL shipping, customs clearance may still cause a delay outside of our control. bPost estimates delivery for expedited shipping withhin 2 to 10 days, and usually even with customs clearance, this is still the case.

  • You are welcome to purchase as many leather items as we have in stock at the moment, at the regular webshop price. There are no group discounts in general (only sometimes in special promotions).

    However, there is an exception for loose sets of rings (as we do not have a lot of extra stock for them): you can only purchase 15 sets per ring size/model per year (per customer and/or per delivery address).

    Orders of more than 15 pieces, or orders that exceed your yearly quota, will be canceled. 


    When you send an order to us through our website, you agree to having double-checked your order and your personal information, such as order and invoice details and shipping address.

    This information CANNOT be changed once your order is final.

    Because of our security procedures and requirements (to guarantee a safe processing of your personal information) and to ensure a timely processing and shipment of all orders, we cannot accept any changes to orders. If you want to make a change after your order, it will be cancelled and refunded.

    Cancellation intales:

    -       You have to place a new order, thus you go to the back of the queue

    -       The item you had purchased, could be sold out in the meantime

    -       Promotions could no longer be valid

    -       Voucher codes are lost and cannot be redeemed.

    Please make sure your order is 100% correct!

  • Changed your mind about your purchase? You can send it back to us within 14 days for a full refund if the product is complete, in its original packaging, unused and undamaged. The shipping is at your own expense.

    How to send something back to Gillio:

    1. Notify customer service of the return. You can do this by copy-pasting these questions and answering them on e-mail to

    - Name of product:
    - Size of product:
    - Colour of product:
    - Order number:
    - Reason for return:
    - Tracking number of your return shipment:

    Please fill these questions out for EACH ITEM you are returning to us.

    Our colleagues will make sure that all necessary information is in our files so we can process your return when it comes in.

    Please note: if your email contains all of the above requested information, you can ship the product back to us. We don't send a confirmation for your return, you can immediately proceed with the shipping

    2. Wrap and package the item(s) securely and make sure to include EVERYTHING, f. ex. if you are returning an organiser, make sure that all of the inserts, the pen, the ruler, etc are included. PLEASE NOTE: If you only use a flat rate envelop, chances are the item gets crushed during transport. Please do NOT put anything else inside the planner-box (f. ex. refills) as they may make indentations on your planner. If the item arrives damaged, we cannot refund you the total amount. So please pack your item as securely as we've shipped it to you! 

    3. Send the parcel back to Gillio within 7 days of notifying customer service. We advise to use safe (tracked, and/or insured) shipping: the product is your responsibility until it is received at our offices. Please ship it back under the same name as you have purchased the planner, so Belgian customs does not make an issue about the invoice and the return being under different names.

    Our shipping address - ALL of this information has to be on the return label:

    Gillio - IIC bvba
    Breedveld 2 Unit 7
    1651 LOT (Beersel)
    +32 (0)2 380 63 19

    You also have to put the original invoice in the box (find this in your email and print it out), and circle (when needed) the items of that order you are returning. Please write on that invoice that it is a RETURN SHIPMENT (and not a purchase).

    Mark 'return shipment' on the return label as well. This makes your parcel pass customs in belgium quicker, so we can refund you quicker as well!

    ***** BE AWARE: these are new import rules in Belgium as of September 2021. Not complying may entail a risk of the shipment being returned to you. 

    4. If you have a tracking number, please e-mail it to customer service, so they can follow up. Upon arrival of the parcel at Gillio, our colleagues will check the item and prepare the necessary formalities for the refund. Where possible, we will refund your purchase the same way you paid us (Paypal, credit card, ...). We will contact you if we require any additional information. 

    5. If you cancel or (partially) send back your order, that was eligible for a promotion which included receiving a free item (for example: "receive a free wallet when you order for 400€ or more"), you are obliged to send back the free item as well (unused) or pay its value. 

    6. If you partially send back your order, that was eligible for free shipping because of the total amount of that order being 400€ or more, you no longer qualify for that free shipping. When we reimburse you your partial order, the shipping fee you would have had to pay, will be deducted from your refund.

  • How do I request pictures when purchasing an item?

    Please check the box underneath each item, while reviewing your purchase in the shopping basket, to request pictures for that specific item to be sent to you before dispatching the order.

    Each item associated to these pictures needs to be approved by the customer before it is shipped (reply to the e-mail with pictures included).

    Please note that pictures are requested for each item separately and not for an entire order at once.


    IMPORTANT: if you do not approve or decline the pictures we send you (within 5 working days of receiving them),
    we consider the item as approved and proceed with shipment.


    How long does it take before I receive these requested pictures?

    Once your order is paid for, we start processing your order, including taking pictures. The pictures are sent out as soon as we have photographed the goods in our warehouse. Depending on the amount of orders in backlog it could take up to 4 working days but usually they are sent out a lot faster (1 working day). After new product launches or promotions the workload is much higher, resulting in increased waiting times for your photographs.

    Please also note that when an item is ordered and needs to be transferred from one of our shops this also increases the delay. If you have not received your pictures within 4 working days after ordering please contact to investigate what went wrong. Our offices are closed during the weekend and on (Belgian) holidays, additional closures will be announced on our facebook page or website. When requesting pictures for an order also keep a close eye on your SPAM folder as they often end up there when sent out.


    Why would I want to ask for pictures of an ordered item?

    Our products and leathers are each one of a kind pieces of art, all the leathers have a different grain and shade. By asking pictures you would have an opportunity to evaluate that the item you will receive really matches your expectations. We do not sent out pictures for items that are not ordered, pictures are generally sent out according to order number (with exceptions of items waiting for a transfer etc.)


    I have received pictures but I do not really like the item shown

    In this case you should reply to the picture e-mail stating you would like to see another item shown with eventual guidelines for us to choose the next item. This might cause an additional delay. It’s best to include what kind of leather (for instance pebbled or smooth) you prefer (or not) in the comments section of your order so we can pick a better match than just a random one. If we have no other item to send pictures of, the customer can opt to have the order or item refunded.

    IMPORTANT! When confirming you accept the pictures,
    please mention the FILE NAME (number) of the pictures you are accepting, to avoid any confusion!

    I have received pictures but I don't see any rings (or the wrong colour rings) installed!

    We install the correct rings once the customer has confirmed that the item is ready to be shipped. If you see the wrong colour rings in the picture, or no rings installed: this will be corrected once you approve the planner.

    I have ordered but forgot to request pictures for one or all of my items

    All orders placed by the customer are considered final, this means that when requesting for pictures after the order is completed we either proceed without pictures, or we cancel and refund this order so you can order again. Read more about making changes to your order here.

  • Our employees make sure your parcel is carefully wrapped and shipped. If your parcel arrives wet or damaged, you have to refuse the parcel and not accept it, give it back to the driver / delivery employee, so it will be returned to us.

    If you do not officially refuse it upon receipt, the insurance company does not cover the damage to the package as there is no proof it happened in transit and arrived in that state. Please remember this in the unfortunate case this would happen to your package! The person that signs for the package is responsible - so please inform your neighbours, family members or significant other if they will be signing for the parcel.

    If the parcel was left on your doorstep in your absence (so it was NOT signed for), and you discover upon arrival that there is damage to it, please report this to customer service ( immediately - at latest within the first 48 hours. We will attempt to file a claim with the insurance company. Please do NOT open the parcel under any circumstance!

  • No, they’re not the same. Our shops are independent entities where separate terms and conditions apply.

    >>>>> When you shop online in our webshop:

    You can buy from the available online stock

    Your item is covered by our lifetime warranty. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty here

    You can send the item back within 14 days of receipt if for any reason you change your mind, and receive a full refund. Read the terms and conditions for a return here

    You can receive pictures of any item you order up front, and you can tell us your preferences for smooth or pebbly leather during the ordering process

    You can choose gold or silver rings for your organizer

    >>>>> When you shop in one of our stores:

    You can buy from the available stock in the store

    Organisers are already fitted with rings, therefore the colour cannot be changed in-store.

    Your item is covered by our lifetime warranty. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty here

    If you change your mind about your item, you can return it to the store you bought it in, within 14 days of purchase. Upon showing us proof of purchase, you can exchange the item for another one. A refund is not possible.

    You cannot send items back for an exchange. You have to physically come to the store yourself.

    If you send something to the store or to our offices that was purchased in one of our stores, we will not be able to process the item as you need to physically take it to the store yourself. It will be shipped back to you after you cover the shipping costs.

    We cannot send you pictures or videos of the items available in our stores, and their stock is not visible online either. You have the opportunity to visit us and browse the available collection. You are of course free to take your own pictures and/or videos when you visit us!

    If you buy an item in one of our stores for someone else, the same conditions apply for them. They cannot send anything back or exchange an item without physically coming to the shop with proof of purchase.

    Please note: these conditions are valid in the two Gillio-owned stores (Brussels Galleries Louise & Antwerp Wijnegem Shopping Center). Our dealers each have their own store policies about returns and exchanges, please check with them before making a purchase or returning an item to them.




  • Our items are divided into three categories.

    - FIRST QUALITY: these are our regular, 'perfect' items that passed our quality checks. They are sold at full price and come with a free pen if the planner has a penloop.

    - PREMIUM GOOD DEALS: these are items that only just didn't make the cut during quality checks. They are in near pristine condition and the imperfections are next to none. These are not individually photographed (you can still request pictures during your ordering process!) and are sold at small discount. They are a way of buying an out-of-stock item in near-perfect condition for an extra attractive price! And - bonus - they come with a free pen like the regular items (if the planner has a pen loop).

    - REGULAR GOOD DEALS: items that have been used in our stores, or that have a noticable imperfection in the leather, for example scratches, slight discolouration, minor peeling, spots or other markings. These are individually photographed so you can see the imperfections clearly before you buy. They are sold with a larger discount and do not come with a pen. Discover the selection here: GOOD DEALS CORNER

  • We hope that when you order, you can't wait to receive your new Gillio item. We are working as fast as we can to ensure you receive your order as quickly as possible. If for whatever reason you wishto cancel your order, there are several terms & conditions you have to take into account.

    You can only cancel your order if it has not been processed yet. Check your order in your Customer Zone on the website: as long as the status of your order in the customer zone is not "all steps completed", it can still be canceled.

    To cancel an order, you email from the same emailadress that was used to place the order. Please state the order number and what (everything, or some items) needs to be canceled.

    Canceling via the web chat is not possible!

    Your cancellation request will be processed as quickly as possible, normally within the working day.

    After cancelling, you will receive a refund. This will also done within one working day after the internal processing of the cancellation of the order. A refund of an order paid by credit card can take several days, as the CC company takes a bit of time before the money is returned to the card / account. With Paypal, it depends on how the PAYPAL account is linked to various payment options.

    In case of a refund for an order paid by credit card, only one refund per order can be processed (because of the CC company's system), so you cannot firstly cancel a part of the order, and later cancel the rest as well.

    Canceling a part of the order may lead to shipping costs if the original order was eligible for free shipping, these shipping costs are deducted from the amount being refunded

    If you cancel an order due to incorrect address information, or to re-order for a promotion such as free shipping, it can happen that the article(s) are not immediately available on the website for re-ordering. They will come back in stock within the working day and can therefore also be ordered by others. Take this into account when canceling.

    Confirmation email:

    When refunding an order paid with PAYPAL, the customer receives an email from PAYPAL that a refund has been made, so we will not send confirmation in this case that the cancellation has been carried out. For orders paid with CC we will send a short confirmation email.

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