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CUSTOMER'S REQUEST: bi-colour epoca black & acid green!

12 march 2018
Black acid green IG-1

Last year, we held a poll in our Facebook group to see which colours you'd like us to match with the bright epoca 'acid green' in a brand new bi-colour combination. After many votes (thank you for those!) the combination epoca black & acid green was the clear winner, the number one choice of our clients!

Of course we were happy to oblige, and we are proud to announce the first batch of items in this new stunning duo are ready for purchasing!

Because this week a lot of our customers celebrate St Patrick's Day, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to add some more green to our webshop!

On Tuesday, March 13th, at 2PM CET, the following items will be available in this new combination:

  • Slim Compagna (222/02)
  • Medium Compagna (224/02)
  • Pocket Compagna (223/14)
  • Giramondo regular (275/02)
  • Intelligent Wallet (1650)

Thank you again for your help in creating this stunning new colour combination, and... Happy shopping!

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