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Design your dream organiser at PlannerCon!

01 march 2017
  • Design ideas
Design ideas

Our customers often have the most creative ways to decorate and use their Gillio planners. From bullet journalling to project planning, from art journalling to scrapbooking - our Gillio planners are used and loved by people of all ages, professions and regions of the world!

When looking for new design ideas, we often get inspiration from our customers as well. Theresa Hall was the one that introduced us to Hobonichi planners, which lead to the Appunto designs. The Think Tank we did in London, with several focus groups lead by Steve Morton and Christina McGann, inspired the design of the A6 Compagna.

Do you have the one idea that could revolutionize the planner world next year? Do you dream of tri-fold Giramondos or A4-size Appuntos? Do you think the world is waiting for a triangular organiser (who knows!) or a circle-shaped notebook? 

We want to hear from you!

In our booth at PlannerCon, we have special forms on which you can draw your new planner ideas. Fill them out, draw your ideas and inspire us!

During our brainstorm sessions for new models for 2018 later this year, we will discuss ALL the ideas both internally and with our artisans. And who knows, maybe you'll see your idea morph into a production next year!

Whatever we decide - ONE lucky person gets their planner idea created from start to finish as a one-off handmade production, just for him or her.

So be sure to stop by and draw your creative ideas out for us - the first step to a new production!

(For those not attending PlannerCon: we will ask for your ideas as well at a later date this year, no worries - we want to hear from everyone!)

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