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Did you know? Krause rings on Gillio organisers!

17 November 2017
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As we announced during our big PlannerCon Europe release, Gillio organisers are from now on fitted with Krause rings. Known for their durability and extremely high quality, we decided that the most luxurious organisers on the market also deserve the best rings available!

All Gillio planners - except for the Slim Compagna at the moment) are fitted with Krause rings when you buy them on our website. You can choose between gold or silver colour, and there is no extra charge for you, not even for the (normally more expensive) gold rings! We've taken the higher cost of this upgrade upon us.

You can also purchase Krause rings seperately in our webshop at very competitive prices, as Krause is gilding the gold-coloured rings themselves. If you want to fit your older Gillios with Krause rings, you can easily order sets in our webshop on this page:

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