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50% off a bracelet with purchase of a planner!

30 April 2019
Bracelet group IG-1

We're always looking for more eco-friendly ways to use our leather scraps, rather than throwing them away. We have several bracelet designs we want to try out, and today you have the opportunity to buy the first design at -50% off when you purchase a medium Compagna, pocket Compagna XL or A6 Appunto! They are adjustable in size, reversible and come with replacable gold AND silver buttons so you can switch up your style!

You can purchase a bracelet at -50% (RRP 80€ incl. VAT, sale price 40€ incl. VAT or RRP 66,12€ excl. VAT, sale price 33,06€ excl. VAT) with any purchase of a medium Compagna, A6 Appunto or pocket Compagna XL.

IMPORTANT: ask for pictures of your chosen planner is you also want pictures of the bracelet! There is no separate button for pictures of the bracelet.

One bracelet at -50% discount per planner purchased as of 2PM CEST on Tuesday, April 30th 2019. If you return (part of) your order, please note the bracelet needs to be returned as well (unused and in original packaging), if not the remaining 50% will be billed or deducted from your refund.


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