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Gillio @ Plansterdam 2016!

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Last Saturday, May 28th, 60 enthusiastic, creative, inspired and planner-crazy people (59 women and 1 man I believe!) gathered in the bubbling city of Amsterdam for the first European planner event: #Plansterdam2016!

When you say 'planner', you say 'Gillio', so of course I (Mella) had to attend, showcasing my personal collection of Gillios, spreading the Gillio bug and handing out webshop vouchers and sample sets to all attendees! So I packed my bags and took a train to Amsterdam early in the morning...

Wonderfully organised by Liselotte and Katie, we were greeted and welcomed at the ABC Treehouse around 11AM. It was really great to put faces to names we see in the various plannergroups on Facebook every day! Some guests came up to me to showcase their Gillio to me, but the biggest part of the guests had either never heard of Gillio before, or had not seen one in person yet.

Like any good planner meet-up, the infamous Planner Pile Picture had to be taken!

After the goodiebags were handed out - filled with planner stickers, planners, pens, washi tape and much more! - we headed out for lunch. Planner events are the only place where you can ask someone "Do you want to sniff my stash?" without being seen as a complete freak, and the answer was YES - so out came my Mia Caras, Compagnas, Amicas and Appunto so people could feel, touch, sniff and discover everything the different models had to offer.

After lunch and some more shopping, we went back for the second part of the day including a raffle where two very lucky girls went home with a brand new Gillio A6 Compagna in Acid Green: Heather Ter Steege and Sophie Wilkinson - could their smiles be any bigger?

It was an amazing day, and it was great to see the planner community is always growing and growing! We hope the attendees will enjoy the gift vouchers and that we'll soon be welcoming many new 'Gillionaires'!

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