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Gillio Battle nr 4: you choose what goes on sale!

09 April 2018
  • IG Battle nr 4
IG Battle nr 4

Update, April 12th, 9 AM CEST: WE HAVE A WINNER!

Our epoca PINK medium Compagna is our winner and will be discounted with -15% from April 12th, 9 AM CEST until April 13th, 9AM CEST. Head over to our webshop and get yours while we still have stock!


Head over to our Facebook Page for part four of our new competition: the Gillio Battles!

On our FB Page, we choose two items that could go on sale that same week. We show you the items and we even show you the discount. BUT - only one of them goes on sale - and you decide which one: by voting!

Monday, April 9th: Gillio Battle number 4!

Between today, Monday April 9th, 5PM CEST and Wednesday, April 11th, 5PM CEST, you can vote for either:

- 15% discount on a medium Compagna in epoca PINK => vote with a LIKE ('thumbs up' sign)


- 15% discount on a medium Compagna in epoca OLIVE GREEN => vote with a LOVE ('heart' sign)


The item with most votes on Wednesday at 5PM CEST wins, and that item will be put up for sale immediately on Thursday at 9AM CEST for 24 hours (so until Friday, 9AM CEST).

Have you been dreaming of a medium Compagna but not taken the plunge yet? These discounts are too good to pass up, so head over to our FB Page a vote right now!

This discount will only last for 24 hours and until stock lasts, on new orders placed in that exact timeframe - so once your item wins, be quick in purchasing it with the incredible discount!

Be sure to like our FB Page for more promotions & discounts! 

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