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NEW PRODUCT: Giramondo Deluxe

17 August 2020
  • Giramondo deluxe group HP-1
Giramondo deluxe group HP-1


Did you catch our live earlier? We announced something amazing!

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 18th at 2PM CEST we are releasing the GIRAMONDO DELUXE!

Please be sure to watch the live for all the details on how and why this was created, and what's in the future!

The Giramondo Deluxe features a clasp closure, 6 elastics, 2 pensoops, 2 secretarial pockets and 16 card slots! It allows for a LOT of stuffing, lots of cards and decoration, storage of your important documents and many many notebooks to accompany you on your life's adventures.

See the new product page for all information, dimensions and pictures of the available colours!

This first release of the Giramondo Deluxe will feature these colours:

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • 778 epoca green
  • 780 epoca anthracite
  • 804 epoca grey
  • 430 croco shiny lava red
  • 452 croco matte charcoal
  • 453 croco matte rosewood
  • 455 croco matte brown
  • 460 croco matte red
  • 465 croco matte grey

Happy shopping!

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