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New colour: Croco Shiny LAVA RED!

07 January 2019
  • 430 release sfeer HP (1)
430 release sfeer HP (1)


We hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your friends, family or loved ones, and are ready to start 2019 with a brand new release!

We received SO. MANY. REQUESTS. for more of the shiny croco leather we used to sell in 2014, that we asked our tannery last year to create a beautiful new colour: the LAVA RED croco shiny leather. It is a stunning mix of lipstick rred and coral, and it took our breaths away. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!

We created lots of different models in this new leather so there is something for everyone!

The new colour CROCO SHINY LAVA RED (ref. 430) will be available as of January 8th 2019, 2PM CET in seven (yes SEVEN) styles:

Pocket Compagna (223/14)
Pocket Compagna XL (223/15)
A6 Compagna (231/02)
Medium Compagna (224/02)
A5 Compagna (238/02)
A6 Appunto (280/02)
Slim Appunto (282/02)

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