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Organiser - Compagna (pocket xl) - Belgium Edition

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Sorry too late, Organiser - Compagna (pocket xl) - Belgium Edition is temporarily out of stock.

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  • The general design is identical to our regular Pocket XL Compagnas.

    Unique specifications of this limited edition:

    - black epoca on the outside, with yellow stitching

    - exclusive red epoca border - unique design!

    - exclusive black matte rings (free) AND an extra set of golden rings 20mm included

    - red epoca on the inside, with yellow stitching

    - 3 flyleaves with unique embossed design (epoca black, yellow, red)

    - black epoca strap with yellow stitching

    - golden hardware (popper, zipper hardware)

    - serial number embossed inside the planner

    - NEW: red matte ballpoint pen with silver hardware

    - exclusive tricolour box

    - exclusive dustbag

    Only 200 pieces (divided over 3 models: Medium Compagna, Pocket Compagna XL, A6 Appunto) have been created!

    Please note that this is a fixed set. There are no options to choose your own ring/size colour (you receive gold + matte black 20mm rings for free!) or your own pen colour (you receive the new red matte + silver hardware pen!).

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